We’re Copa Energia

We were born from a dream set down on paper 20 years ago by the founder of Copagaz, Ueze Zahran, that became a reality in 2021: the acquisition of Liquigás by Copagaz. Out of this merger Copa Energia emerged, the leader in bottling, sales and distribution of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in Brazil and Latin America as a whole.

With the tradition of our brands that Brazilians know and trust, we have been in thousands of homes, businesses and industries since the 1950s, when Copagaz was created in the city of Campo Grande, and Liquigás came to Brazil at the hands of Italian engineers. Anywhere in Brazil where you’ve got Copa Energia your day to day life will be smoother with a guarantee of solutions worked out especially for you.

In bringing this great dream to life we are moving on, day by day, to pursue a dream that is even greater: to build a better tomorrow, providing Brazil with energy from a matrix that is cleaner, valuing life and offering products that heat, feed and move the entire country.


Our aspiration

To lead the changes in Brazil’s energy matrix and bring them to the world based on sustainable, reliable solutions that yield solid results.


Our purpose

To provide energy for people’s lives and businesses in a sustainable manner.  



Our will to act and make things happen is contagious and draws others to us. We overcome obstacles because we believe in our dreams and are making each one come true.

We make things happen and take command.


We value life through safety and respect for people and the environment. We treat others as we would like to be treated.  That’s how we create a workplace that is cohesive, diverse and inclusive.

We respect life and the environment, and we value people.


We are born in the entrepreneurial spirit. It’s hardwired in our DNA.  When we look for solutions we think outside the box and try out new ways of doing things.

We keep an open mind and act like entrepreneurs.


We establish relationships with clients, employees and suppliers. We work together to achieve our goals striving for a positive impact in everything we do.

We act together and talk things over with empathy.

We are among the companies comprising part of the portfolio of Holding Itaúsa.

In this position, we’re guided by the company’s strategic, financial and social decisions.   Furthermore, they share with us our culture of governance, ethical values, attention to risk management, valuing of our staff, discipline in allocating capital, focus on long-term value creation and engagement with social and environmental issues.

“We invest in sectors that matter to the Brazilian economy, and we’ve got a portfolio made up of powerful brands that are leaders in their markets.  We’re committed to strengthening the management of the companies we’ve invested in, with long-term vision and strategy, always grounded in ethics and the best practices of business governance. We’re looking for investments in businesses with a positive impact on society, with strong cash flow generation, and a consistent history of results and recognized brands.”

- The Itaúsa website


We believe in energy.
The energy that feeds our families, heats our lives and sets the economy in motion.
And also the energy of our dreams.  That driving force that makes things happen, the stimulus that makes us go beyond.
That’s what drives and inspires us.  
Bringing everyone the most essential things each day.
Energy that transforms our lives and businesses.
A cleaner energy to improve today’s world and build a more sustainable tomorrow.
We’re proud of our origins, our resilience and commitment to develop our country and our industry.
Respecting human beings, valuing work and the commitment to efficiency, innovation and safety
The energy we put into our dreams is the impact we have on the world.

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