The Ombudsman at Copa Energia exists to enable us to ensure our internal and external stakeholders that they can take their complaint to a higher level if it is not resolved by our customer service departments. The Ombudsman is the communication channel that will take up complaints with the appropriate departments in an impartial manner, seeking to improve service and contribute to the enhancement of internal processes.

Accordingly, it is essential for the complainant to have the protocol number provided by Customer Service to hand, except for cases involving internal complaints by employees.

All complaints received by the Ombudsman will be used for the work of continuous improvement of our products, processes and services, attending to external and internal stakeholders.

If the matter you wish to address is a commercial complaint, such as a question about supplying LPG, inquiries about products, contracts, billing or other issues, please send your request/complaint to Customer Service, for Copagaz, call 0800 707 2672, and for Liquigás call 0800 729 7777.

If you are seeking Individual Metering, please call 3004-3002.  Once registered, a protocol number for the service performed will be provided.

Now then, if your complaint has not been resolved through lower-level channels, using the protocol number issued by our Customer Service office, you can submit your complaint to our Ombudsman:

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If the report you wish to make has to do with:

  • Corruption;
  • Fraud in internal company processes;
  • Violations of company policies and rules;
  • Violations of the Law of Free Competition;
  • Moral or sexual harassment and sexual molestation;
  • Related issues

Submit your complaint by clicking here.