Industrial LPG is more advantageous than other energy sources, and becomes a competitive differential for your business: for heating, casting and smelting, in short, for all kinds of productive activity. No matter how large or small your industry is, Copa Energia Industrial LPG can service large and small production lines efficiently and without waste.

You’ll find us just about everywhere in Brazil, and we provide engineering designs with cutting edge technology, guaranteeing solutions tailored to the size and segment of your industry. The Gas Unit is scaled according to your needs, allowing for control, thrifty consumption and highly effective use.

Use of LPG in Industry


Pasteurization and preparation of foods


Drying of paper


Automotive processes


Steelmaking processes


Drying and fixing fabric

Benefits of LPG

What is LPG?

Liquefied Petroleum Gas, better known as LPG, is made up of a mixture of propane hydrocarbons and commercial butane extracted from petroleum through the refining process.

When subject to low pressure, LPG liquefies, and this makes its bottling and delivery process practical, swift and safe, allowing for storage of a large amount of energy in small spaces.


Efficient energy

It quickly reaches high temperatures, allowing for less use time, thus generating savings for your wallet.



Better cost-benefit compared to firewood and electricity, in addition to being up to 26% cheaper than piped natural gas.


Greater range

Available even in places where pipelines don’t reach, allowing for independence that prevents temporary interruptions of supply.


Clean Energy

It has low emission of pollutants and low environmental impact.


Easy Distribution

It does not require construction or investments in infrastructure. It’s easy to store, transport and distribute.


Process Control

Control of flame and temperature, ensuring the quality of the final product and greater durability of equipment, in addition to not deteriorating while in storage.

When you become a Copa Energia customer, you have:

  • Automatic refill of your LPG unit
  • Technical assistance 24/7
  • Safety at facilities adhering to all rules in force
  • Operation in 24 states and the Federal District