Purogas is an exclusive solution for the aerosol industry and is free of impurities, odors and moisture. Its high degree of purity makes it an indispensable product for manufacturers of deodorants, insecticides, food products, medications, space deodorizers and above all, cosmetics, which in Brazil has one of the biggest markets in the world.

Always alert to innovations and new technology, we’ve invested in the construction of a modern research center whose main purpose is to analyze levels of sulfur, moisture and unsaturated components, ensuring for Purogas a quality superior to its competitors.

Advantages of Purogas


It does not harm the ozone layer


A blend customized for each individual client


Approved by large national and international industries


Full process traceability


High degree of quality and purity


Comes with test certificate

Become a Purogas Client and ensure:

  • Customization: product delivered with proportions of butane and propane in accordance with agreed upon specifications
  • Savings: eliminates costs associated with purification systems
  • Safety: comes with test certificate signed by the responsible technician