Our Complaint Channel provides the means whereby you can report a case of non-compliance with the Law or some internal rule.  Reports are received by an external, independent company and forwarded to the team responsible for making inquiries.

Information is treated as strictly confidential.  Under no circumstances can there be retaliation against a whistle blower.

However, if the matter you wish to address is a commercial complaint, such as a question about LPG deliveries, inquiries about products, contracts, billing or other issues, please send your request/complaint to Customer Service, for, Copagaz, call 0800 707 2672, and for Liquigás call 0800 729 7777.

If you are seeking Individual Metering, please call 3004-3002.  Once registered, a protocol number for the service performed will be provided.

If you are not satisfied with the resolution of your complaint, you can reach out to the Ombudsman here (you will need to have the protocol number provided by Customer Service to hand). We note that intervention by the Ombudsman involves the filing of an appeal, which means that it can only occur after registration of the matter has taken place through Customer Service.

Now then, if the report you wish to make has to do with:

  • Corruption;
  • Fraud in internal company processes;
  • Violations of company policies and rules;
  • Violations of the Law of Free Competition;
  • Moral or sexual harassment and sexual molesting;
  • Related issues.

Submit your complaint here: